Chaos reigns


Hi, everyone!

Well, it seems like everyone in the family is either ill to varying degrees, or stressed out because the others are ill to varying degrees. So I’m afraid I have done no writing in an embarrassingly long time.

I have, however, started thinking about NaNoWriMo, which is speeding towards us again. I’ve been so preoccupied with other things that are happening in November – not least Queer Company 2, which I’m super excited to go to – that I hadn’t really given it much thought. Now, however, I am mid-research into a sort of vague idea I’ve been mulling over, and to be honest I think it might be worth taking a break from Bowler Hat rewrites for a little while anyway. Between the first and second books of the series, I’ve been working on it solidly for about… oh, goodness, it must be about 6-8 months straight, with a break or two to work on A Certain Persuasion (coming soon!) so I think I’m due a break to refresh my mind and think about new characters I don’t know so well. You know when you go on holiday – say camping – with a bunch of people and you’re there for about three weeks and you’ve been cooped up with the same people for way too long and you just can’t be around them any more? That’s how I’m starting to feel about Addie, Gina, Jamie and Miles – so I’m hoping NaNoWriMo will be the equivalent of sloping off to the nearest pub on my own.

Apologies for the lack of blog posts – as I say, it’s been mad around here. I’ll be back when things settle (or at the beginning of October, at the latest).

Talk to you soon!


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