Don’t forget – Twitter Q&A TODAY!


Hi everyone,

Don’t forget to stop by the #ManifoldPress hashtag on Twitter this evening to join in a very special Q&A with my new book’s publishers, Manifold Press. We’ll be talking about their New Adult imprint, which is launched with Michelle Peart’s To the Left of Your North Star and of course my own debut, Submerge.

I’m really excited to talk to people about all sorts of things to do with the book, and with New Adult fiction in general, and it should be a fun challenge to try to answer in under 140 characters. Come and give me some challenging ones!

The clocks have just gone back in the UK, and time zones are tricky at the best of times, so here’s a handy link to help you work out what time 6pm GMT is for you.

I hope to talk to you then!

Twitter Q & A!


Hi everyone,

Sorry – I know you haven’t heard much from me lately. I have an excellent excuse involving medical emergencies in the family, but I won’t go into that here.

What I do want to talk to you about is where you can chat to me about Submerge, which will be out in… Ooh, five days? Really? Wow.

Anyway, my lovely publishers at Manifold Press, have very kindly set up a Q & A on Twitter to talk about the start of their New Adult titles – one of which is Submerge, and the other of which is To the Left of your North Star by Michelle Peart. I can’t wait to read North Star, and I hope some of you will be able to find the time to stop by and ask any burning questions you may have about either book – or about New Adult fiction in general.

Join me (@Masqueblanc) and @ManifoldPress using the #ManifoldPress hashtag. We’ll be chatting from the following time:
18.00 Sunday 30th October UK
19.00 Sunday 30th October CET
14.00 Sunday 30th October EST
05.00 Monday 31st October NSW

Talk to you soon!

Fanfic break!


Hi everyone,

Sorry – I really did mean to update more often (and do more writing) but life keeps getting in the way in the most unavoidable ways.

Today, however, I came close to my daily word goal by writing 475 words of a random fanfiction that sprung to mind. Sometimes, you just need to play with somebody else’s toys for a bit.

Total written today: 475 words.

Talk to you soon! I just… can’t promise when.

Austen fans!


Hi, everyone!

Sorry – I forgot to update yesterday but here is the promised post about A Certain Persuasion, the latest anthology I’ve contributed to for Manifold Press. It looks set to be a treat for lovers of Jane Austen, with reimaginings of her novels and modern-day accompaniments aplenty. Eleven authors have got involved, and anyone who enjoyed A Pride of Poppies will be glad to know that the very capable Julie Bozza was behind putting both anthologies together. I haven’t read the rest of the submissions yet, but I’m confident that there’ll be something for everyone.

Oh, and look at this cover!

A Certain Persuasion anthology cover

Copyright Manifold Press

Beautiful, right? Anyway, it’s out on the 1st of November, just like Submerge, so you can preorder it now if you like. Oh, and this one is available in paperback, too!

Talk to you soon!

It’s official!


Hi everyone,

My debut novel, Submerge, was officially announced by Manifold Press today and will be published on the first of November. I’m thrilled, for a number of reasons – the first of which is that it finally feels real!

I’m also really excited to be able to show you the excellent cover the resident designer put together for me – and here it is!

Submerge cover

Copyright Manifold Press

The third thing that makes today really cool is that the book is now available for preorder via this link, if you happen to fancy it. Long-time readers of this blog may recognise the vague outline of ‘The Thing About Bowler Hats‘ – remember those characters I made up for a tutorial and never intended to do anything with? Yeah, they took on lives of their own, which is my favourite way to write.

Here’s the blurb:

Jamie Hill walks into his local LGBT+ nightclub, Submerge, intending to make friends and have a good time. When he meets comedian Addie Crewe and her girlfriend Gina Wilson, his night is already looking up – but it’s the man Gina introduces him to who really catches his eye. Miles Bradford seems to be everything Jamie could want in a man: smart, funny, kind. Jamie can’t take his eyes off him.

But though Submerge might sparkle on the surface, Jamie knows that the club, just like himself, hides darker secrets in its depths … and even Miles might not be as clean-cut as he appears.

I’ve also had a hand in another title announced today by Manifold Press, but I’ll save the details of that for tomorrow. If you can’t wait, check out the blog post here for more information.

Talk to you tomorrow!