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Hi, everyone!

I’ve been trying to catch up on NaNoWriMo lately, having been behind since Day 2, but I am now caught up, so you might see a few more posts from me!

Mostly, however, I’m posting today to let you know that I’ll be participating in a Q & A over at the Manifold Press Facebook page. It’s at 7pm UK time (check your time zone here) and will last three hours. I’ll be in and out as I have family visiting, but I’ll try to be there for as long as I can – and so will the other authors involved in the anthology. Stop by and ask us some questions!

Talk to you soon!


Out today!


Hi everyone,

Well, I’m not sure I’ve mentioned it, but my first novel, Submerge, is out today!

Submerge cover

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Jamie Hill walks into his local LGBT+ nightclub, Submerge, intending to make friends and have a good time. When he meets comedian Addie Crewe and her girlfriend Gina Wilson, his night is already looking up – but it’s the man Gina introduces him to who really catches his eye. Miles Bradford seems to be everything Jamie could want in a man: smart, funny, kind. Jamie can’t take his eyes off him.

But though Submerge might sparkle on the surface, Jamie knows that the club, just like himself, hides darker secrets in its depths … and even Miles might not be as clean-cut as he appears.

Click on the cover image above for more information and all the links to buy yourself a copy!

Submerge is only available in eBook form (at the moment!) but if you’re more of a print-on-paper fan, or a lover of Jane Austen, you might be interested in A Certain Persuasion, which is also out today and to which I contributed two stories. A whole bunch of great authors also pitched in, so it’s definitely worth checking it out – in eBook or print format.

Thirteen stories from eleven authors, exploring the world of Jane Austen and celebrating her influence on ours.

Being cousins-by-marriage doesn’t deter William Elliot from pursuing Richard Musgrove in Lyme; nor does it prevent Elinor Dashwood falling in love with Ada Ferrars. Surprises are in store for Emma Woodhouse while visiting Harriet Smith; for William Price mentoring a seaman on board the Thrush; and for Adam Otelian befriending his children’s governess, Miss Hay. Margaret Dashwood seeks an alternative to the happy marriages chosen by her sisters; and Susan Price ponders just such a possibility with Mrs Lynd. One Fitzwilliam Darcy is plagued by constant reports of convictions for ‘unnatural’ crimes; while another must work out how to secure the Pemberley inheritance for her family.

Meanwhile, a modern-day Darcy meets the enigmatic Lint on the edge of Pemberley Cliff; while another struggles to live up to wearing Colin Firth’s breeches on a celebrity dance show. Cooper is confronted by his lost love at a book club meeting in Melbourne while reading Persuasion; and Ashley finds more than he’d bargained for at the Jane Austen museum in Bath.

Click on the cover image below for buy links and to find out more!

A Certain Persuasion anthology cover

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Thanks to everyone who’s followed me on my journey this far – getting a real novel published is a huge deal for me, one I’ve been looking forward to and working on for years, and I can’t wait to get on with the next stage of the adventure.

…And, of course, that starts with NaNoWriMo today – so I’ll be off to get some words down now.

Talk to you soon!