Happy new year!


Hi everyone,

Well, I’m sure you’re all busy celebrating the end of the year in your own ways, so enjoy it! I just wanted to take a moment to wish you the very best in 2017, and to reflect a little on the good things 2016 has meant for me, in a professional sense.

There have been a lot of things going on this year, not all of them good, but for me as an author, it’s been a landmark year. This, after all, was the year I got my first novel published, and that feels amazing. I’ve wanted to be a published author – to share my stories with the world – since I was very young, and although I’ve had some short stories published (including some this year, too!) it’s always been my dream to have a novel with my name on the cover. This year I was fortunate enough to finish something I felt confident enough to pitch to my dear friends at Manifold Press, and even more fortunate that they saw potential in it. Submerge is one of the proudest achievements of my life so far, and I hope I can build on that experience to write something even better.

This has also been a great year for me in terms of self-esteem and mental health. After years of getting half-measures of treatment for PTSD, depression and anxiety, I finally found the right counsellor and the right course of therapy at the right time to really turn things around. I’m not cured, not entirely – that’s not really how mental illness works – but I do feel a lot better and more capable of dealing with things. It’s part of the reason that I managed to enjoy Queer Company 2 even more than I loved the first Queer Company. And I did have so much fun at that event, made some great new friends and really reassured myself that I can belong in this world of fantastic storysmiths.

I couldn’t do this without the support of my friends at Manifold Press – publishers, proofreaders, editors, and fellow authors – or without the other authors I’ve met along the way. Above all, I couldn’t do this without readers. Those of you reading this blog, those of you who’ve read any of my stories – I owe so much to you, because a story means very little with nobody to tell it to. A story, kept to oneself, is barely more than a daydream.

So thank you, all of you, for your support in 2016, and I hope that 2017 will bring better times for all of us.

Talk to you next year!


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