Hi everyone,

Sorry for the radio silence – and I’m also sorry that I can’t promise it won’t happen again. Unfortunately, my life is going through a very hectic period, so I’ve barely had chance to write recently (though I did write 7000 words for Camp NaNoWriMo in April) and I have had no idea what to blog about.

Currently I’m working on short story submissions for Manifold Press’ two upcoming anthologies – No Holds Bard and Call to Arms – and continuing with A King’s Ransom. The latter is running long, the former is running short, and the one in the middle just really needs beta reading. Hopefully I’ll have some updates for you relatively soon, but I can make no promises!

Thanks for bearing with me, and hopefully I’ll talk to you soon!




Well, for all my good intentions, not a lot got done today. I’ll make up for it at some point but right now it’s just too hot to function.

Total written today: 338 words.

July total so far: 1820 words.

2015 total so far: 158272 words.

Talk to you tomorrow!

Still too hot…


…But I did get some stuff done. Working my way through some stuff I need to read that I’ll be editing for Caladria, and knocked out some more Bowler Hats. I think I might be able to finish it within the next few days! I’m a little under my Camp NaNo target for Day 1, but that’s alright.

Total written today: 1482 words.

July total so far: 1482 words.

2015 total so far: 158126 words.

Talk to you tomorrow!

A slow day…


…but I have written. Specifically, I’ve written 374 more words of my new novel, and a handful more of answers to interview questions. Any progress is progress!

I’m tired, today, so I’m calling it a night, but I’m not unhappy with my progress. Tomorrow I will have to attempt a bit more fiction, but I’m also hoping to give some publicity articles for A Pride of Poppies a go. We’ll see!

Total written today: 374 words.

Camp NaNo total so far: 4037 words.

April total so far: 8572 words.

2015 total so far: 77124 words.

Talk to you tomorrow!

A new start!


Today I sat down to start writing my new idea (the old one having become something of a struggle, which I’m going to come back to when it feels a little fresher), and immediately realised I’d come up with the two main characters, but not the supporting characters I’d need to make their lives actually work. I therefore spent at least an hour on The Sims 4, making some characters for them to play with. A surprising amount of trivia about those characters came to me in that hour, so that’s good. I really need to revisit my mains before writing tomorrow, because I feel like I now know more about the secondary characters!

Anyway, I sat down to start writing my new idea a second time, and wrote 576 words. It’s not as much as I’d like, but it’s definitely better than recent days (straight 0s). I’m now counting this novel’s words towards Camp NaNo, so that’s good.

Apologies for yesterday, by the way – I was surprisingly exhausted by playing hours of football with a very persistent collie and being cuddled by a wriggly springer puppy and went to be without writing a word when I got home. Oh well!

Total written today: 576 words.

Camp NaNo total so far: 3663 words.

April total so far: 8198 words.

2015 total so far: 76750 words.

Talk to you tomorrow!

Today I fought a dragon…


…And by fighting the dragon, I finished the first draft of a rather long story I’ve been working on for a while (there may be some ruthless dragon-editing to come). I’ve also acquired a builder for my new, shorter story, so that’s tomorrow’s issue.

I found myself so caught up in those stories – and in sorting out some interviews for A Pride of Poppies publicity purposes (I’ll allow myself to get excited and babble about that soon, don’t worry) – that I didn’t get any Camp Nano done again. In all honesty, this particular story isn’t one of my pet passions at the moment, so I’ll see if my enthusiasm for it returns or not before deciding where to go from there.

Total written today: 1298 words.

April total so far: 5319 words.

2015 total so far: 73871 words.

Talk to you tomorrow!

A bit of a snag


So, Smooth as Sand isn’t holding my interest as well as my Caladria stories are (I often find getting things started harder than continuing them, so I’m sure I’ll get more into it as the world it’s set in develops) and the story I should be working on for an upcoming deadline has stalled a little because it’s not entirely set up yet. Once it is, though, it shouldn’t take too long to get it ready for publication, so I’m not panicking yet.

I have therefore returned to the story with the longer deadline, but I’m trying to get a realistic and satisfying outcome to a confrontation between two creatures of wildly different size and ferocity. So I’ve only got a couple of hundred words in today, in total.

Of course, falling asleep for most of the afternoon didn’t help. I must be getting old!

Camp NaNo written today: 95 words.

Camp NaNo total so far: 3117 words.

Total written today: 253 words.

April total so far: 3545 words.

2015 total so far: 72097 words.

Talk to you tomorrow…