A week of few words


Hi everyone,

I’ve written relatively little this week – 3861 words, mostly fanfiction – but I’ve been working pretty hard on some world-building for A King’s Ransom and working out some projects I want to get back to. Was I running this blog yet when I started writing The Cold Light of Day? I think I was. I always meant to get back to it, and then life got in the way, but I’m bringing it back into my rotation of WIPs.

I’m also going to set about learning the tricks of self-publishing, partly because those will be useful transferable skills and partly because it might allow me to put out new releases more often. We’ll see how that goes.

Talk to you soon!


A slow day


I got some bad news about a bit of a major setback in my house-hunting quest today, so I felt a bit rotten. However, I have managed to write my daily target on Project Bowler Hat, so that’s something. Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow, but no matter what, I’ll be writing. She says, hoping she’s not jinxing herself.

I also had a go at #PitMad, the pitching event on Twitter, with Cold Light. I don’t think I caught anyone’s attention, but that’s OK. I wasn’t trying that hard, and I’m not in a massive hurry to get that one out there since I’m currently working on the Bowler Hat thing and might be able to find that one a publisher sooner. Good luck to everyone else who took part, though, I hope it went well for you!

So that leaves word counts.

Total written today: 1137 words.

June total so far: 5058 words.

2015 total so far: 117894 words.

Talk to you tomorrow!

I’m back!


…And I’ve written 2225 words today (so far). These have all been random prompt fills taken from YeahWrite on Tumblr, but I’m glad to have some words flowing again. Last night I wrote 305 words of another prompt fill, too, so that’s nice. Hopefully, I can keep that up for a bit longer.

I also threw my hat into the ring for #PitMad with The Cold Light of Day, albeit at the last minute. The tweet is here if you want to help me draw attention to it. It’s not my best ever pitch, but there we are.

Anyway, I’ll talk to you all tomorrow!

Total written today: 2225 2345 words.

March total so far: 4638 4758 words.

2015 total so far: 62181 62301 words.

A good day


I sat down to catch up on my writing today, and I think I did pretty well. By the end of the night I was a bit tired of working on the same story (The Perfect Garden: Blooms of Summer), but I am rather surprisingly a one-project pony at the moment, so there we go. I wrote 2488 words (in around an hour, best estimate) then 2113, and then I did a little editing on The Cold Light of Day because I needed a world-switch, and then I spent about four hours watching TV and writing another 417 words to bring my total up to a nice 5018 for the day.

I wanted to make up for my few lost days, and I’m pretty pleased with how that worked out. I’m now back on track for my 31k target in January, if I keep working on it. So, yes. Today has been a good day.

(…Especially since I got to see my cat reacting to a flurry of snow outside the window. He was quite perplexed.)

Total written today: 5018 words.

2015 total so far: 30066 words.

Talk to you tomorrow!

2015: The Year Ahead


Alright, my bad – I forgot to say ‘Happy New Year’ yesterday. So, happy New Year, and I hope you saw it in enjoyably. While I’m on the subject, and in an attempt to force myself to get used to there being a 5 on the end of the year now, I thought I’d talk through a few things I’m looking forward to over the coming months, and some of my plans.

  • Caladria will be publishing its first issue of ‘Fab Fables’ at the end of January –  none of my stories are in it due to the timing of my joining the team, but it promises to be a great issue and I’ll certainly be reading it. Later on, I’ll have some stories in subsequent issues!
  • A Pride of Poppies is due for release in May, and will feature two of my short stories. I’m really excited about this one, and it means a lot to me. I can’t wait to read everyone else’s contributions!
  • The Cold Light of Day – I have no guarantees or promises about this story, but I do hope that, as it’s a stand-alone novella, I’ll be able to get it tidied up and out into the world somehow by the end of 2015. This is likely to be in eBook form. There is a chance that I’ll decide to keep this back until after The Perfect Garden is sorted out, however, as TPG will always be my first completed novel and it would be nice to get that published first.
  • The Perfect Garden series is one of those firing-on-all-cylinders projects with a lot of tasks to juggle. I’d like to get Blooms of Summer  (book 2 of the series) finished by November, and hopefully write Fruits of Autumn (book 3) for this year’s NaNoWriMo. In the meantime, I also want to send Buds of Spring (book 1) off to a couple of agents, at the very least, and see if I can get the ball rolling on publication. I don’t intend to do that until Blooms of Summer is at least nearing completion, however, to give me a bit of a buffer if I end up with a contract for speedy delivery of the rest of the books.
  • And in my personal life… I’d like to be earning money by the end of the year. I’m currently signed off as ‘unfit to work’ due to post-traumatic problems, but this year I hope to continue on the road to recovery and get back into work. It’s possible that I won’t be ready for the 9-to-5 – or just won’t be able to get a job – by the end of the year (I hope this isn’t the case, but I can’t be sure) so I’m also going to be working hard on trying to write things I can sell.

I’m not making resolutions this year, except to keep building on what I’ve achieved in 2014 and before. Have a lovely 2014, readers, and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

2014: A Year with Hindsight


I know, I know. At this time of the year, everything seems to be about looking back, and you’re sick of it. Well, tough – I only get to do one roundup of this year and you missed out on the first 8 months of news. So here we go, with the things I got up to this year, highs and lows, on and in some cases off the page.

  • I got accepted to my first anthology. Lupus Animus represents the first time I’ve been published in print, and my story was accepted in February.
  • I wrote a playscript and submitted it to a competition. This was a first for me, and I wrote the entire 60+ minute play during March. Gathering the courage to submit it was also a big step for me, just as submitting my short story to Lupus Animus had been before it. My entry wasn’t longlisted, but that gives me a chance to improve it.
  • I won over a cat (mostly). The cat I now live with is a bit of a grouchy old man (and we love him for it) so he takes a while to warm up to people, but by the end of April he was tolerating me at least half of the time. As I write this in December, we often have cuddles.
  • I pulled a 36-hour all-nighter at university. I’m not sure when in the year this happened, but I know it was a bad idea. Sure, everything got hilarious at about 3am but on my way home I almost punched a nun for holding me up and delaying my colapse into bed (I didn’t. I’m a good girl).
  • I discovered the simple joy of sitting by a pond and feeding ducks. This was very convenient in June when deadlines started mounting up for my degree.
  • I moved house. I was expecting to be crashing on the floor until I could get hold of a mattress for myself (I’d been crashing on the floor in this house in the holidays all year) but arrived to find a bed that felt like sleeping on a cloud, waiting just for me. Bliss.
  • I shut down my webzine. I have immensely fond memories of Fandom Wanderers, which I founded and ran with a team of about 6 volunteer writers, but it was time for us all to move on to new things. I was sad to see it go, but after exactly two years, it was becoming a struggle to maintain and the whole team was swamped with ‘real life’ problems.
  • I lost my Nannie. My maternal grandmother passed away at the end of June after a long struggle with dementia. Obviously, this was devastating for all of us, but especially for my grandfather. They’d been married nearly 61 years.
  • I graduated from university. That’s right – as of July I’m a BSc, which is nice. I got an Upper Second Class Honours degree, and I’m pretty proud of that. It took a lot of work!
  • I became a published author. Also in July, Lupus Animus was published, and I got my name in print. Yippee!
  • I finished the first draft of my first novel. July was a really busy month, actually, because that was also when I participated in Camp NaNoWriMo to finish off The Perfect Garden: Buds of Spring. Since then, a lot of editing has hapened.
  • I did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. And donated to charity. That was in August, and I’m still cold. Brrrr!
  • I wrote two more short stories for another anthology. A Pride of Poppies is another charity one, this time for soldiers’/veterans’ charities yet to be decided, and is themed around LGBTQIA+ experiences of World War One. It’s due for release in May 2015, and again, my stories have been accepted.
  • I started this author blog. It’s pretty important for an author to have a website these days, and in September I decided to take the plunge. It’s been great, especially thanks to all you readers getting in touch and chatting to me! Writing can be lonely sometimes, and you’ve all helped to cure that, so thank you.
  • I attended my first major sporting event. This was the Invictus Games in September, and it was brilliant. I’m pretty sure Wheelchair Rugby is the best (and most violent) sport ever invented – and I got to see Prince Harry put in the sin bin, which is always fun.
  • I turned 24. There may come a time when I regret putting a number on my age, but there we go. That was in October.
  • I wrote a novella in a whole new genre. Cold Light is my first serious attempt at a horror story, and I think it came out alright. I wrote all 51112 words of it in November, for NaNoWriMo.
  • I wrote a screenplay in a whole new genre. Don We Now Our Gay Apparel took up the last week of November and most of December, and I felt pretty good once I’d finished it.
  • I got accepted to a collaborative world-building fantasy group. Basically, we all write stories in the same world, with a shared history, and it’s a lot of fun exploring what’s already established in a world you’re helping to create. This, of course, is Caladria, which I joined in December.
  • I also wrote other things. I got quite a lot of The Perfect Garden: Blooms of Summer written, for example, and continue to work on it. I’ve written a few short stories specifically for this blog, and some more as application pieces for various things.

Wow, this year’s been pretty good for writing, actually. And I’m sure I will at some point regret including the words ‘almost punched a nun’, but never mind. I hope I can achieve even more in 2015, and I’ll see you then!

I’m alive! I’m alive.


Hello, everyone – sorry about the lack of blog posts over the last few days but I’ve been pretty bogged down with the flu and haven’t really been able to do much, including write anything coherent.

What I have been doing, however, is reading as much as possible – both Cold Light, which I finally cracked and started looking over, and all the information I can get my hands on about the world of Caladria, the new collaborative project I’ve just joined. The first issue of Fab Fables, which will be a collection of short stories from the Caladria world, will be out in the new year (don’t worry, I’ll remind you about it) and I hope to get in on the writing soon and have a story in an issue soon after that. The more I learn about this world, the more excited I am to write in it.

Anyway, I’m going to try to do a little of the secret project today, since it’s been sadly neglected so far this week, and I’ll talk to you… well, no promises. Hopefully in the next couple of days!