No Holds Bard – a new Shakespeare anthology


Hi, everyone!

I know, I know – it’s been all too quiet here lately. Unfortunately, my responsibilities at home have become much harder to juggle with everything else in my life – not that I was great at updating here to begin with – and I haven’t been able to keep up this blog and write. So I’ve been focusing on writing, largely a very long historical novel whose first draft I hope to get to the end of in the next month or so (next story already lined up for the period between edits).

However, this post is to let you know about THIS beauty, which I have a story in.

Cover image for No Holds Bard from Manifold Press

Ten authors, twelve extraordinary stories. From a novel solution to the Plantagenet succession crisis to revelations about the private lives of Prince Hal and – separately! – Brutus and Cassius, plus a surprise ending for Twelfth Night, no play is safe. We have marriage proposals and murder; subtle scheming villainy; a missing manuscript; a haunting… Whether set within the framework of a play, or spotlighting actors, characters, or the Bard himself, these stories will have you viewing Shakespeare in a whole new light. It’s definitely not the kind of thing they taught us in school…

Take a deep breath. Dive in. Prepare to be astonished!

My contribution to this anthology is short, but hopefully sweet, and is set in modern times – as you’ll see from the descriptions on the Manifold Press page here, that’s not true of all the stories therein. Stories take place everywhere from Shakespeare’s time to the present day, and not all entirely on our mortal plane. I also suspect there are some steamy shenanigans within, but as I haven’t yet read all the stories I’m unable to confirm that for certain!

You can pre-order the anthology now, ready for its release on the 1st of May – just click here and follow the relevant link for the format you prefer. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it!

My Mistress’ Eyes
Eleanor Musgrove
In a tender domestic moment with her high-flying girlfriend, Lexi, Jasmine reflects on their relationship. A flattering request from a local festival leads her to take inspiration from the Bard himself as she searches for the right words to ask a very important question.




Hi everyone,

Sorry for the radio silence – and I’m also sorry that I can’t promise it won’t happen again. Unfortunately, my life is going through a very hectic period, so I’ve barely had chance to write recently (though I did write 7000 words for Camp NaNoWriMo in April) and I have had no idea what to blog about.

Currently I’m working on short story submissions for Manifold Press’ two upcoming anthologies – No Holds Bard and Call to Arms – and continuing with A King’s Ransom. The latter is running long, the former is running short, and the one in the middle just really needs beta reading. Hopefully I’ll have some updates for you relatively soon, but I can make no promises!

Thanks for bearing with me, and hopefully I’ll talk to you soon!