A Busy Week… Not Writing.


Hi everyone,

Well, I’ve written a bit of fanfic this week but I’ve been so busy, tired and – frankly – emotionally drained that I haven’t managed to get a lot else done. I did go and see the new Beauty and the Beast on Friday, so that was a nice day, but other than that I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather since my last blog post. Hopefully I’ll get back to work on my original projects in the coming week.

Talk to you soon!


A wordless weekend


Between going to a gig (The Corrs, who were fantastic) and catching up with my niece (now smiling and mimicking silly facial expressions), I didn’t actually get any writing done over the weekend. I know, I know – I hang my head in shame.

On the other hand, tonight I got a chance to look through the notes I got back on Bowler Hats 1 yesterday, and while there’s a lot to work on – which is a bit daunting – it’s immensely flattering that the publishers have taken so much time and trouble to help me improve. There’s lots of encouragement there, too, so I feel very happy about it overall.

Talk to you tomorrow!

Not today…


I have had a very, very irritating day – the latest in a series of similarly trying ones – and have therefore given myself the night off writing. It would only end up sounding angry anyway, and I’ll make up for it at some point, I’m sure.

I did, however, write 14 words of A Certain Persuasion to finish a sentence after midnight, so it’s not been a total loss, I suppose.

Total written today: 14 words.

January total so far: 15847 words.

2016 total so far: 15847 words.

Talk to you tomorrow!



As usual, I feel like I’m not changing enough on this first edit pass, but I’ll go through to the end anyway and get my bearings back on the story, check for continuity errors and so on, and then see what needs fixing.

Anyway, today has been an editing and sleeping sort of day. No writing, but I am part-way through chapter 5 of BH2 on the editing front. So far, I’ve already picked up a few continuity issues, mostly based on where I wrote it before I completely edited BH1.

Tomorrow looks like a busy one, so I can’t promise a blog post then, but I’ll definitely talk to you soon!

Busy day!


Well, the family came over today for a bit of a mini-Christmas seeing as we’re expecting a new addition any time from now to the big Christmas day itself – my niece. It was a really lovely day, actually, and as usual we all ate so much food we nearly exploded. It makes me a bit sad about how far away the ‘real’ Christmas is!

Anyway, today I submitted BH1 to a publisher. They’ve got a lot of backlog to get through, I think, so I’ve been warned not to expect an instant response. I’m really nervous – and I need to work out how to do a bit more formatting in Scrivener when I compile things in it – but excited, too. I’d love to work with this particular publisher more, and I’d love to get BH1 published. Yes, I also have three other books in the works with these characters, but if BH1 gets picked up and subsequent books don’t, I have no problem whatsoever with publishing the rest as fanfiction online. If BH1 doesn’t get picked up by this publisher, I’ll have to try elsewhere. So we’ll see!

No writing today, I’m afraid, but I hope this news makes up for that!

Talk to you tomorrow!