A week of few words


Hi everyone,

I’ve written relatively little this week – 3861 words, mostly fanfiction – but I’ve been working pretty hard on some world-building for A King’s Ransom and working out some projects I want to get back to. Was I running this blog yet when I started writing The Cold Light of Day? I think I was. I always meant to get back to it, and then life got in the way, but I’m bringing it back into my rotation of WIPs.

I’m also going to set about learning the tricks of self-publishing, partly because those will be useful transferable skills and partly because it might allow me to put out new releases more often. We’ll see how that goes.

Talk to you soon!


NaNoWriMo – Day 21


Today I’ve written 2597 words – I was going to go for 3k but I’m calling it quits now to watch some TV – bringing me up to 42709 words overall. I’m pretty happy with that!

In extra-curricular activities – well, sort of – I’ve been thinking about giving self-publishing a go for this little novel (Cold Light) after all. I’m thinking of making it available as an eBook, especially since there’s a general demand for stories with non-binary characters on several social media platforms I use, and my story happens to have one. Making it into an eBook seems like a good way to make it accessible, and quickly.

With that in mind, I’ve been looking at Smashwords and BookTango, two eBook companies that can help you make and distribute your eBook through some big distributors. Smashwords takes a commission, but BookTango claims you get 100% of the royalties, so I’m not sure where they’re making their money and that makes me a bit wary.

What I’d like to know, really, is whether anyone has used either of these companies in the past and if so, how it went? I’m based in the UK, so the experiences of anyone else based outside the US would be especially helpful.

Until tomorrow, everybody!