Coming soon…


Hi everyone,

The situation at home continues to be somewhat fraught, to say the least, so I’ve not been keeping up with this blog the way I’d have liked. Truth is, writing has been difficult in general lately, so even if I had been blogging regularly I’m not sure what I would have said.

BUT! I want to fix that. I’m hoping to start putting some short stories out on a more regular basis, and in order to try to motivate myself I’m setting up a Patreon account. I’m still sorting out some posts to queue so nobody’s signing up for a blank canvas, but I’m hoping to officially launch on October 7th (or 8th, depending on how busy I am on the 7th). I’ll share a link nearer the time, so keep an eye out!

I’ve put most of my previous projects on the back burner for now as I’m having trouble finding either the time or the attention span to write novels. So Patreon rewards will be largely short stories and behind-the-scenes insights. Right now, I’m also working on a longer-term project, building a fantasy world from scratch so I can play in that – and I’ll be sharing maps and such with my patrons first, until I have enough to start writing.

Once I’m creating consistently for Patreon (knowing people are paying for things makes it much harder to let them down), I hope I’ll fall into the sort of routine that will make it easier to post here more often, too. There will be a delay between some things getting to Patreon and making it onto this blog, however, I’m afraid – part of the reward system for signups over there!

Talk to you soon, readers, and thanks for sticking with me for this long!