I’m melting!


I’ll level with you – it was too hot for me to concentrate all day, so I planned to write after dark when it cooled down a bit. It… hasn’t really cooled down much. So while I’ve had some Caladria discussions and written a scant handful of Bowler Hat words – and had a few thoughts on taking the latter forward – I haven’t been able to get things down in type the way I’d hoped.

I’m OK with that, though. It’s a mildly disappointing end to the month, but I’ve done well and I’m allowed a day off! Tomorrow, hopefully, I’ll feel better and do better, but if not, well. It’s only the very beginning. Oh – that reminds me, I need to set up my Camp NaNo account. As ever, my username on either NaNo site is masqueblanc. Feel free to add me as a writing buddy and/or drop me a message!

Total written today: 49 words.

June total: 43639 words.

2015 total so far: 156452 words.

Talk to you tomorrow, and enjoy your extra second of sleep tonight!


Unexpectedly productive…


Apart from a quick discussion about some Caladria-related things this morning, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t get much done today. I just felt really slow and unproductive. However, with the arrival of darkness and a (marginally) cooler temperature, I found myself perking up a bit, although I still didn’t think I’d get my thousand words done for the day. At a quarter to eleven, I’m pretty sure I only had about 500 words, and I’d kind of accepted that I wouldn’t reach my target.

Apparently I just needed to do that, because I then doubled my goal before midnight! Again, it’s been a Bowler Hats kind of night, because I’m racing towards the finish line (I’m currently at 63738 words out of a maximum 70k, and the story’s just wrapping up nicely) before hopefully dedicating my Camp Nano attempt to Caladria-related projects (and possibly a few short stories and fanfictions).

Total written today: 2066 words.

June total so far: 43590 words.

2015 total so far: 156403 words.

Excellent! Talk to you tomorrow!



Today I’d written 1200 words by lunchtime (all Bowler Hats) and then got onto a proper roll with it and reached a truly ridiculous total by the end of the night. I haven’t had a 3k day since… oh. The tenth of this month. That’s pretty good in itself!

I’m almost at the end of the story now (though I totally have ideas for a sequel) and I’m really looking forward to reading the whole thing through before I put it aside ready for editing in a month or two. It’s like reading a new novel, somehow, so that’s exciting!

Total written today: 3354 words.

June total so far: 41524 words.

2015 total so far: 154337 words.

Phew! Talk to you tomorrow!



Yeah, you read that right – I’ve just crossed 150000 words for the year so far. Not quite halfway through the year, so that’s pretty good. I did hope to write 1k a day this year, so by that logic I should have another 28k or so, but that’s alright. I’m very happy with what I’ve done!

Bowler Hats again today – I’m so close to the end that I can almost taste it. It’s going to be a bit of a punch to the gut to finish it, actually, but that doesn’t mean I have to leave the characters alone. Besides, there will be editing and submitting to do after that! So I won’t exactly get bored. For a bunch of throwaway characters I created with the express intention of not using them for anything serious, I’ve become very fond of them… Oops!

Total written today: 1944 words.

June total so far: 38170 words.

2015 total so far: 150983 words.

Talk to you tomorrow, gang! I’m just off to write a little more before bed (now we’re on tomorrow’s count)…

Argh, it’s hot.


Guess who decided to do some weeding in the middle of the day? Yeah. Too hot for that. Anyway, I did also get some writing done, slowly but surely. Today’s been Bowler Hat-focused, but I’ll get back into Caladria as soon as I can. I’m just tantalisingly close to the end of the Bowler Hat novel (at least the first one! I have ideas for at least one sequel) and it’s really spurring me on to try to finish it. However, other deadlines must be adhered to so I’d better try to balance it out from here on in.

Buying Caladria’s Fab Fables Issue #6 is still a really important way you can help support me, my writing, and my upcoming franchise. At £1.50, it won’t break the bank, and you get a lot for your money.

And those reviews I made yesterday are still stuck in cyberspace limbo somewhere, so they’ll get to you eventually…?

Total written today: 1367 words.

June total so far: 36226 words.

2015 total so far: 149039 words.

Talk to you tomorrow!

Technical issues


…Not with the writing, don’t worry – I haven’t lost my backups or anything. I recorded some product reviews today, but I can’t post them because my phone is playing up. Oh well. Hopefully I can get those to you tomorrow.

Today’s BIG IMPORTANT NEWS is that Caladria’s Fab Fables Issue #6 is out now. This is a really big deal for me, as it sees the publication of the story that launches my franchise, Tales of Varjan. Please, please, if you have £1.50 (about $2.30 US, I think) to spare, consider picking up a copy. There’s also a newly-introduced rating system when you finish reading a publication online (keep flipping pages until you get past all the acknowledgements and contributors), so ratings would be much appreciated, too, by all of us.

As for writing, I lost some time to trying to sort the reviews out, but I did manage to get a little of Tales of Varjan Issue #1 written, and some Bowler Hats. Approaching another turning point there, I think.

Total written today: 1081 words.

June total so far: 34859 words.

2015 total so far: 147672 words.

Talk to you tomorrow!

Sorry about yesterday!


I meant to blog, just as I meant to write, but then I was exhausted when I got home from seeing Jurassic World (which I love, by the way) with a friend. So nothing got done. It was an excellent day, though.

Today, I’ve done a bit of Caladria writing and I’ve also written a lot of Bowler Hats. I’m still a little worried about fitting the rest of the story into the word count, but that’s an edit problem. I’m really enjoying the way it’s shaping up, though, and rereading earlier chapters on my eReader I keep making myself laugh, which is something. Even if the only person it ever makes smile is me, my writing is making somebody smile, and that’s a good feeling.

Total written today: 1572 words.

June total so far: 33778 words.

2015 total so far: 146591 words.

Talk to you tomorrow!