A little fanfiction…


I managed to get some fanfiction done after work today, but I’ve also recently got back into online roleplaying (a great character exercise, incidentally) so a bit of my evening got swallowed up by that. Well, that and the latest Doctor Who episode. I have no regrets.

So, I didn’t finish NaNo, but I did write more this month than in either of the two previous months. That’s a victory where I’m concerned, especially with all that I’ve been struggling with this month. December holds fresh potential, of course, and I’ve spent some of the evening planning out BH3… (and realising I may have enough to require a BH4). Here’s hoping I can eventually sell or self-publish this ridiculous sprawling series!

Total written today: 229 words.

November total: 21494 words.

2015 total so far: 260098 words.

Talk to you tomorrow, hopefully!


Great progress!


Sorry for the last couple of days. I have been slacking, especially on the blog posts. I gave up on NaNo this year a while back, but I did want to write 20k this month (up from my initial target of 10k) and I crossed that today. Hurrah! Well done to all those of you soldiering on, and those who’ve already completed NaNo.

However, I have successfully written today – a little bit of fanfiction, and quite a lot of a whole new project which involves a combination of comic strips and novel – and I’ve also sorted out a major stumbling block on BH3, which is probably what I’ll start working on soon.

As for my plans in the immediate future, I’m still waiting to hear back from one last beta reader on BH1 – he’s disappeared from the internet slightly of late, so I’m hoping he’s alright – and then I plan to submit it. Terrifying but exciting stuff. Then there’s BH3 and the first edit pass of BH2, but I’m also starting to reread Emma ready to work on my first idea for A Certain Persuasion. I’ve already started on my second idea, because I’m a pain like that.

That said, I have work tomorrow so I should probably have been in bed a while back, so I’ll give you my totals and bid you adieu.

Total written today: 1501 words.

November total so far: 21265 words.

2015 total so far: 259869 words.

Talk to you soon!

More fanfic.


I had to combine being ill and working today, so I only got a little bit of writing done, but it’s better than nothing.

I might post some more of that story from yesterday some time in the next week, when I’ve figured out the most sensible way to do that, or I might leave it as a tease and see about self-publishing the whole thing once there’s a ‘whole thing’ to publish. We’ll see.

Total written today: 234 words.

November total so far: 19764 words.

2015 total so far: 258368 words.

Talk to you tomorrow!



I wrote some things! Fanfiction things. Yay!

OK, I said I’d post some story for you tonight, but I don’t have anything actually short, so I’m going to split up some of that first story I wrote for NaNo. It’s… not been edited much at all, so this may be a mistake, but here you go. Oh, and it doesn’t actually have a title so it’s named for the POV character. So… yeah. Enjoy some raw material! I think it’s pretty much rule one of being an author that you don’t show anyone a first draft of anything, but I’ve always been pretty bad at rules. Let me know what you think! (Or not…)

Total written today: 421 words.

November total so far: 19530 words.

2015 total so far: 258134 words.

Talk to you tomorrow!

Kate’s Story (Part 1)
by Eleanor Musgrove
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Little by little…


I’m easing myself back into the fanfiction game, and honestly I’m wishing I’d written this one sequentially instead of leaving the opening chapter to write later. Because I’m writing it now, and it’s stopping me posting the next 23 pages I’ve already written…

Haven’t written much today, but I hope to get a bit more in before bed.

Total written today: 182 words.

November total so far: 19018 words.

2015 total so far: 257622 words.

Talk to you tomorrow!



I know I’ve been AWOL, and I’m super tired right now so I’ll keep this brief. The last couple of days I didn’t write anything, then today I went back to a long-neglected fanfiction work. I’m happy to be back and I think I’ll be sticking to the fanfic for a little while (a few days? Longer?) because I really like the immediate feedback you get, and knowing that someone’s reading what you wrote almost right away.

I’ve got the jawache from hell at the moment, which is either an old wound reacting badly to the weather or something dental I’m going to have looked at, probably (I refuse to WebMD for further possibilities, I don’t need that pit of paranoia) so I’ll get that checked out on Tuesday but until then I’m likely to be a bit hit and miss with updates.

Total written today: 432 words.

November total so far: 18836 words.

2015 total so far: 157440 words.

Talk to you soon!